Video production is

my speciality

Videos are easy to make

But making good videos that engage is a different story. 

I've spent close to a decade working with some of the world's biggest brands on their video campaigns. I worked on many of these campaigns from initial strategy through to implementation, so it's fair to say that my expertise in video for business use comes from experience at the highest level. 

As a consultant with over a decade of production experience I am un-biased about your budget. My aim is to provide real results that are business centric, so any production suggestions that I make are based on generating real outcomes.


Thanks! I'll be in touch shortly to discuss your enquiry.

For all new enquiries or to request demos/examples of work please fill in the enquiry form or call. I also welcome Government RFQ's. 
Budgets & rates

As a consultant, I provide my production services at a fixed, hourly rate. What this means is that I'm un-biased when it comes to your spend, and what sort of video you need to produce. My goal is to have the most effective content developed for your brand, at the lowest possible spend. 

I believe that simplicity is often the best solution, but occasionally a more complex production is required. This is why the time we spend upfront is just as valuable as the hours spent on set.

Talk to me about your needs and I'll suggest a level of budget that is suitable to your stage of business, overall strategy and goals. 

If you're an agency looking for some assistance in integrating video into your organisation, feel free to get in touch




What video style suits your business? It's all about your audience...

From interviews through to drama, motion graphics, Instagram snips and 3D animation, there are literally endless options for you to choose from. Luckily, I've been working in production for long enough to have seen the trends, know which ones are worth investing in and those that will make your brand look dated before you've even finished. But, more important than the style of video is the message you're getting out. Below is one method I use to develop messaging styles for my clients - feel free to use it as part of your planning. 

Hero content

Hero content is your brand piece. The video or TVC that screams to the world 'this is me!'. It cements your brand persona, uses a unique voice and shows the world who you are. Generally designed to elicit an emotional response, this style of video gets people talking and generally engaged with your ambitious purpose. 

Hero content is usually where you have a larger video budget. Done only every few years, they're a special piece, often referred to as a 'Super Bowl moment'. My advice for developing hero content is to not dive in until you know exactly what your brand persona is and how you want to be perceived. Once you know this, develop a concept that will directly target your main audience demographic. Consider how it's going to be seen, and make sure that what you make is sharable, memorable and inspires action as the next step. 


This is what most people usually refer to as a corporate video. Hub content is regular content that seeks to continually engage with your audience, proving your brand promises, educating about new updates and improvements and generally telling the world about your products and services. Probably the most well recognised piece of hub content is the testimonial video. My tip when developing hub content is to understand what part of the buying cycle your viewers are in. Are they comparing suppliers? If so, a piece on customer service and delivery could suit. Are they comparing prices? Consider a piece on the benefits of your product over the competitors, and avoid the race to the bottom. 


In my opinion, help content is the most important of all. Often ignored, this content is your way of giving without asking for return. These videos teach your audience something new, something that they want to know. If you're a plumber, teach your visitors how to clear a drain. If you're an accountant, teach your audience how to navigate a P&L. Whatever your expertise is, give some of it away for free. These videos are always on, always searchable and set your business up as a thought leader. As giving is the fastest way of generating brand loyalty, you'll soon find that these videos become one of the best lead generators in your tool kit. 

The production process

Who is your audience, what will engage with them and what are our goals? I get to know you and your business. 

Competitor review, concept development and analysis -  are there gaps in the knowledge market that we can fill?

I make sure that the t's are crossed, the i's are dotted & your message is clearly articulated & ready for production. 

Whether it's filming or animating, my team & I swing into gear and start turning your messages into tangible videos.

Who's been watching? What has the reaction been like? Do we need to make any changes? Reviewing makes all the difference to success. 

Why not hire a production companY?

I understand. Hiring a freelancer or consultant can sometimes be hit and miss. How do you know that they understand your business, are they just making it up as they go? Do they seem cheap, but will continuously come back asking for more budget? Worst of all, will they simply disappear half way through a job?


My clients trust me with their content and communications because of my immense experience, dedication to becoming a part of their team and access to vetted, industry leading creatives across Australia and Internationally.  

Really, you are hiring a production company - just without the fancy office, markups and big teams! Production companies certainly have their place, but in today's digital world we can achieve so much through working smarter. Cloud based reviews, online sharing and access to some of the best creatives where and when you need them means production can be affordable, safe and creative. All tied up by a video professional who is trusted by some of the world's biggest brands - so you know you're in safe hands.