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Everything looks better from up top!

Last week I finally picked up a piece of kit I've been really excited about for months - my new drone!

Drone footage is simply amazing, and adds a completely new element to many productions. It's a simple way to add to the 'wow' factor, and allows me to tell stories in ways that are really unique.

For those who are interested, I purchased the DJI Mavic Pro. It shoots at full 4K resolution, and can also film at up to 96 frames per second, giving me the ability to grab some stunning slow motion. This unit is surprisingly small, which means it can be flown relatively easily, even in more confined areas. I also love the fact that it's got a follow feature, so you can lock onto objects and follow them automatically - amazing for faster moving subjects like cars and boats.

This YouTube video has a really interesting collection of shots from the Mavic, and was one of the contributing factors in my decision to purchase this model. If you're interested in the type of footage it can achieve, have a quick watch - it's simply amazing!

I'll be offering this as a standard addition to my clients at no extra cost, so if the story will benefit from aerial imagery I'll be able to pop it up and make sure we're telling it in the best possible way.

I look forward to uploading some drone based videos soon - it's already in use for a few projects and has been out almost every day since I took it home, so it won't be long.